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MAGGI - GT800 Boring and Grooving Center

Only $29,500

Call: 828.620.9730

This CNC machine is a great stepping stone or bridge from a small cabinet shop to a higher-capacity one. Also, a very good machine in today's tight labor market is a very clear labor-saving. This machine can do in 2 minutes which might take hours without it.

It is a good transition to automation which will help you grow and get more out of your workforce without adding employees while only taking up 36 square feet of shop space. We only have one, so if you are interested, give us a call.

Special features and details
This is a great entry-level CNC machine with very simple programming with a touchscreen. The machine also takes only a small footprint. You do not need to know CAD/CAM or have design software to use this machine and speed up your processes. We use this for horizontal and vertical boring and grooving side and top/bottom panels for frameless cabinets. The machine is still hooked up and operating, and we can teach you how to run it.

  • Very simple and fast programming
  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • Importable and text format exportable working programs
  • Up to 1,000 programs can be stored
  • Machines panels from above
  • Suitable for drilling on face and sides of panels, including holes for dowels, hinges, KD Fittings and shelf holes
  • (9) vertical spindles (6 in X axis and 4 in Y axis)
  • Saw Blade Unit in X axis
  • (2) 1 + 1 Horizontal Spindles in X axis
  • (1) 1 + 1 Horizontal Spindle in Y axis
  • Spindles rotations speed: 3,400 RPM
  • Axis speed 25 meters/min | 82 feet/min
  • Panel End Edge Reader for perfect panel assembly
  • Max. panel dims: Y - 800 mm (31.5"), X - Unlimited, Z - 50 mm (2")
  • Min. panel dims: Y - 100 mm (3.93"), X - 250 mm (9.84"), Z - 10 mm
  • Boring Capacity 0 to 800 mm (31.5") with any spindle
  • Ability to execute all drilling operations in a single working cycle
  • CNC programming with 12" touchscreen
  • Automatic panel cleaning with brushes
  • Teleservice software


  • Total Power: 2.5 kW
  • Air Pressure: 6 Bar
  • Air Consumption: 5 CFM @ 6 Bar
  • Dust Collection: 1,200 CFM (6" Outlet)
  • Dimensions: 68" W x 72" D x 68" T
  • Weight: 2,205 lbs.