Our team enjoys exploring materials, textures, finishes, and colors, but this is often part of the design that an architect, designer, or client drives. Regardless of the design origination, it is essential to express the desired style and execute it with the utmost craftsmanship. We have been perfecting the construction details of European frameless cabinetry since 2004 to achieve the clean, modern lines of mid-century modern, German, and Italian styles. We pride ourselves on offering materials and finishes you won't see anywhere else and being able to execute the client's vision no matter how challenging or unique.



Exceptional design means making something beautiful, of course, but we also need to meet your storage needs, maximize the space available, and offer the best way to access your storage. Our thorough approach and almost unlimited ability to customize allow us to fully utilize your home's space, efficiently hold what needs to be stored, and decide where doors, drawers, or custom accessories would offer maximum utility. This is the space planning part of design that is not overlooked in any project we do.



Since 2004 when the business first opened as Case Green Cabinetry, we have focused on carefully selecting materials for sustainability and client health through interior air quality. Today, it is fortunate that zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and NAUF specifications (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) are getting easier to do by just ordering high-quality, USA-sourced materials.

As a 21st-century craft business, we combine technology and skilled artisans to bring the world-class results expected of North Carolina manufacturing. We source our materials from the Carolinas, Austria, Italy, and Germany, leverage our craftsman's skills with the latest technology, and sell directly to consumers.